Veterinary Medicines

Submission of documents for procedures related to veterinary medicinal products

Information about the transmission of documents see guide L_Z45_Leitfaden_zur_Elektronischen_Einreichverordnung_EEVO.



For inquiries related to regulatory issues:

please use the following e-mail addresses


Department REGA (Regulatory Affairs)


Questions regarding RMS procedures rmsagesat
Questions regarding CMS procedures  basg-cmsagesat
Questions regarding National Procedures natagesat
Other inquiries hotline.euregulatoryagesat


For further information and contact details see also corresponding allocation schemata:



For inquiries related to non-regulatory issues:

please use the following e-mail addresses


Department HEVE (Herbals, Homeopathics and Veterinary Medicines)


non-regulatory questionsbasg-heveagesat


Department  BPSV (Biologicals, Preclinical & Statistical Assessment, Veterinary Medicines):


Fee-based scientific advicescientificadviceagesat

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