European Patient Academy for Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI)

EUPATI - The European Patients Academy on Therapeutic Innovation provides patients and the general public with scientifically sound, objective and understandable information on the research and development process of medicines. It will strengthen the ability of patients and laypersons to advise regulatory authorities and ethics committees, for example in clinical trials.

EUPATI is an association of 33 organisations led by the European Patient Forum. It consists of a unique combination of patient organisations, university and non-profit organisations with expertise in patient and public participation, and European pharmaceutical research companies.

EUPATI aims to provide information and training to support the involvement of patients and patient representatives in the drug research and development process.

EUPATI aims to make a visible contribution to all stakeholders involved in drug research and development. It wants to find ways of involving these stakeholders more effectively in areas such as drug research, planning and conducting clinical trials, assessing the safety of medicines, risk-benefit balance and health economics.

You can find out more about the European Patients' Academy and our ethics and transparency guidelines here:

In the EUPATI LANDESPLATTFORM ÖSTERREICH, representatives of patient organisations, science and industry work together to promote the further education of patients and their participation in the research and development (R&D) of drugs in Austria.

EUPATI Launches New Training Toolbox for Drug Research and Development - (January 27, 2016)

The toolbox is available to European patient groups, patient representatives and anyone wishing to learn more about the research and development (R&D) process of medicines.

Users can make a valuable contribution to drug development and wider dialogue on patients' rights through the knowledge they acquire.

  • Over 100 topics in seven languages that patient representatives can customize and share
  • The online information source has been developed for a more meaningful participation of the patient.
  • Information and training to better involve patients and patient representatives

Here you can access the "EUPATI Toolbox on Drug Research and Development". Learn more about the "EUPATI Toolbox for Drug Research and Development" in this video.


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