Authorisation and Lifecycle MP

Checklist, if procedure ist not listed in eServices.

Please make sure that the right organisation is selected after login. If you are not able to select the organisation, please contact that company administrator.

If the submission of the procedure via CESP was made less than 7 days ago, it is possible that the procedure has not been created yet. Please have some patience, your procedure will shortly be created in the system.

If the submission of the procedure via CESP was made more than 7 days ago, please contact the responsible regulatory contact according to the allocation scheme regarding the reason why the procedure is not visible. Please provide the following information to the regulatory contact:

  •         Login (email address)
  •         Organisation number and name
  •         Name of the medicinal product
  •         CESP Submission-ID
  •         Marketing authorisation number
  •         Submission date
  •         EU-Procedure number

Where can I find additional information on the eService "Authorisation and Lifecycle MP"

Further information on eServices can be found in the relevant FAQs.

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