DIA Euro meeting Vienna (25.03.2014)

Datum: 25.03.2014, 11:00 bis 12:30 Uhr


Austrian Satellite Meeting


How attractive is Austria for Research & Pharma Business

Cooperation and interaction between the Austrian Medicines and Medical Devices Agency, Academia and the Austrian Pharmaceutical Industry

Moderator: Heinrich Klech (Medical University of Vienna)


  • Christa Wirthumer-Hoche (Austrian Medicines and Medical Devices Agency): “Positioning of the Austrian Medicines and Medical Devices Agency in the EU-network”
  • Christoph Male (Medical University of Vienna): “OKids – Austrian Paediatric Research Network”
  • Markus Müller (Medical University of Vienna): “Clinical Research in Austria”
  • Joerg Windisch (Sandoz Biopharmaceuticals): “Biologics R&D in Austria: Innovation and sustainable patient access”
  • Karl Heinz Hofbauer (Baxter Bioscience-Baxter AG): “Biotech Manufacturing of Lifesaving Biologicals in Austria”
  • Jan Oliver Huber (Pharmig – Association of the Austrian Phamaceutical Industry): “Requirements for a competitive Pharma Location

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