Systematic Pharmacovigilance weighs the risks and benefits of medicines, enabling comparison between different treatment options and helping prescribers and patients make informed decisions. Where it is carried out consistently, Pharmacovigilance might help to prevent one in two or three drug-induced deaths and one in four adverse drug reactions.


Periodic Safety Update Report and Risk Manangement Plan
Dr. Sonja Hrabcik

Email: CASE_PHVagesat


Implementation of PHV issues / DHPC and Educational Material

Mag. Rudolf Schranz

Email: pv-implementationbasg.gvat


Pharmacovigilance veterinary
Dr. Anja Kotschwar

Email: basg-v-phvbasg.gvat


Singlecase report and signaldetection
Mag. Katharina Weber

Email: pharm-vigilanzagesat
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