BASG publications

After the decision has been made, the results of the BASG votes and the issued notices of the BASG are entered in the list in an electronic release process. BASG announcements listed on a daily basis.

From the foundation of the BASG on 01.01.2006 to 19.06.2013, voting took place by circulation. The agendas, votes and announcements from this period can be found in the subordinate pages.

The Rules of Procedure of the BASG applies to the procedure of the Federal Office for Safety in Health Care as amended.

The Annex to the Rules of Procedure establishes the authorisation to issue procedural decrees, to issue certificates and to certify public documents for the purpose of presentation in non-EEA countries. In addition, authorisations to sign accompanying letters are laid down in procedures of the Federal Office for Safety in Health Care. The delegation of these matters to be handled independently entitles the recipient of the delegation to take the initiative to handle these matters, obliges and authorises him to take the decisions necessary in this context and to authorise the corresponding transactions. Matters for the independent treatment of which an employee has been authorised in accordance with § 6a of the Health and Food Safety Act shall be dealt with in the name of the member leading the proceedings and signed "On behalf of the Federal Office". The right to issue directives (Art. 20 para. 1 BV - G) of the superior bodies is not affected by the authorisations granted to them to handle certain groups of matters independently.

Legal Ordinances issued by BASG can be found under "legal basis".



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