Provision of data

What data on veterinary medicinal products are provided?

Both registration data of non-antibiotics-relevant and antibiotics-relevant veterinary medicinal products are made available electronically.

The data can be downloaded under the following link: AntibioticsFlow analysisASP.xml

Which catalogs with defined terms are provided?

What data does the veterinary medicinal product dataset contain for non-antibiotics? Why doesn't it contain the same data as antibiotics?

The veterinary medicinal product dataset for non-antibiotics in principle contains the same data as that for antibiotics, but to a more limited extent: Data which are mainly required for the recording of antibiotic quantity flows, such as dosage, are not listed. This information can be found in the respective technical and usage information (see link in the XML download).

AGES is gradually supplementing, updating and providing data on approved target animal species, the type of application and the currently approved package sizes of non-antibiotics as part of ongoing procedures.

Technical and user information can be called up here on a daily basis.