Public registers

The public registers provide information on the current status of the continuous process of revaluation.

  • The Register of Medicinal Products lists all medicinal products authorised in Austria. Here you will also find the current version of the instructions for use (package insert), the summary of product characteristics for health professionals, and the BASG assessment report on this product.
  • The BASG provides information on current supply problems in the shortages register.
  • The register of authorised pharmaceutical establishments contains all establishments manufacturing, controlling or placing on the market medicinal products.
  • Under "Pharmaceutical intermediaries" you will find the pharmaceutical intermediaries registered with the BASG.
  • Under "Mail order pharmacies" you will find the Internet pharmacies registered with BASG.
  • Non-interventional studies are included in the NIS register.
  • All BASG decisions since 31.07.2013 are listed under BASG announcements and BASG votes (for previous decisions consult this link).
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