Austrian Pharmacopoeia

Austrian Pharmacopoeia

The Austrian Pharmacopoeia (ÖAB) is a national supplement to the European Pharmacopoeia and is currently being fundamentally revised by the ÖAB Commission. Obsolete monographs are revised, new monographs are developed and obsolete monographs are deleted.

ÖAB Commission

The Austrian Pharmacopoeia Commission was set up in 2007 by the then Federal Minister for Health, Family and Youth to revise the ÖAB. It consists of two committees: the ÖAB Commission and the ÖAB Expert Group.

The ÖAB Commission consists of pharmacists, doctors, lawyers and social partners.

Duties are:

  • General strategic planning work (e.g. appointment of members of the ÖAB expert group, etc.)

  • Formal resolution of the monographs prepared by the expert group

ÖAB Expert Group

The ÖAB expert group, on the other hand, is made up exclusively of representatives of the pharmaceutical sciences.

Duties are:

  • Development of the monographs

  • Publication of monograph proposals with comment period

  • Processing the comments received and handing over the finished monographs to the ÖAB Commission


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