Veterinary Antimicrobial Consumption

Reporting system is available

The online reporting system is available.

If you have any questions or would like to be informed about technical innovations (updated catalogue values, updated diagrams, etc.), please contact us at:

A description of all steps, from the registration to the delivery of your file can be found under the following links: graphic representation

1) Link to user registration.

The following documents are required for registration:

  • Proof of administrator authorization (LoA), please use the following form
  • Company proof, an informal signed letter with the TÄHAPO ID is sufficient.

2) Link to e-Service portal for message payment

Notes on the delivery and application message:

  • If you report as a veterinary medicine chest yourself (own portal access), your TÄHAPO ID must be entered in the XML for the elements notifier id and pharmacy_id. A hotline / bundler has its own notifier id and then collects messages for multiple pharmacy_id numbers. See also FAQ.
  • A "." must be used for decimal places.

Current veterinary antibiotics volume flows Ordinance

  • Link to the current version of the Veterinary Antibiotics Volume Flow Ordinance
  • Link to changes to the Veterinary Antibiotics Quantity Flow Ordinance, the Pharmacy Operating Regulations 2005 and the Veterinary List and Certificate Ordinance

Announcement of ATCvet codes subject to antibiotic flow measurement

Application for registration as a Coordinator (§ 9) or Recognised Reporting Office (§ 7)

Special TÄHAPO IDs and VIS numbers

The following TÄHAPO IDs are to be used for the following organisations when submitting notifications:

  • for public pharmacies: PA 01234 00000
  • for pharmacies of the Austrian Armed Forces: MA 05555 00000
  • for the Anstaltsapotheke VMU Vienna: UA 09999 00000

The following VIS numbers have been created in VIS and are to be used for notifications where affected keepers cannot provide a VIS number.

  • X399361 Dummy farm Equidae
  • X399388 Dummy operation for small ruminants
  • X399396 Dummy operation domestic poultry
  • X399418 Dummy operation farm game

Schema descriptions

sample messages


Information on catalogues can be found here.


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