Classification and supply of substances under control

Narcotic drugs decree

Narcotic drugs decreeexamplesSummary of Products characteristics (SmPC)Labelling
§ 18 (1)I, II, IVfentanyl, hydromorphone, oxycodone, remifentanilSG, pharmacy only = narcotic, special prescription only, pharmacy onlyPOM pharmacy only
§ 20 (4)IIITramadol, certain preparations of codeineS1, pharmacy only = narcotic, non renewable prescription only, pharmacy onlyPOM pharmacy only

Psychotropic substances decree

Psychotropic Substances decreeSummary of Products characteristics (SmPC)Labelling
§ 10 (3) indicated substances according to annex I, currently flunitrazepam onlyprescription only medicine, pharmacy only, special prescription only according to § 10 (3) of Psychotropic substances decreePOM pharmacy only
§ 10 (4)Other benzodiazepinesprescription only medicine, pharmacy only, non renewable prescription according to § 10 (4) of Psychotropic substances decreePOM pharmacy only

On all packages in which narcotic drugs are placed on the market, the narcotic drug content must be stated either in percentages or in the weight quantity contained therein, calculated on the basis of the narcotic drug.


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