Decisions - electronic delivery

1. How can I sign up for electronic delivery?

The electronic delivery service mailbox for your company must first be created by an authorised person listed in the registry of personal identification numbers (Stammzahlenregister) for your company. This person can then authorise additional people to access the electronic company mailbox.

For more information, refer to the Guideline on Setting Up an Electronic Mailbox (Postfach-Leitfaden2011.docx [2.23 MB]; currently available in German only).

Author: HPC Duale Zustellsysteme GmbH; published on 2012-04-04. 

2. Where can I find more information on electronic delivery services?

3. Which additional steps do foreign companies have to take to sign up for electronic delivery?

Section 1, ‘How can I sign up for electronic delivery?,’ explains how to sign a company up for electronic delivery. 
Foreign companies have to take the following additional steps before following the instructions in Section 1:

  • Register the company as a legal entity ( This is necessary for companies not having a subsidiary listed in the Austrian Commercial Register (Firmenbuch).
  • Register natural persons with authorised access to the mailbox: To be able to access the electronic delivery account, natural persons also require an ‘electronic identity.’  Permanent residents of Austria merely have to have a pertinent certificate issued. Permanent residents of a country other than Austria require a registration equivalent to that issued in accordance with the Austrian Registration Act (Meldegesetz). For more information, please go to User Rights - BASG.

After these steps have been completed, follow the instructions in Section 1, ‘How can I sign up for electronic delivery?’.  

  • Authorise individuals to access the electronic company mailbox and issue any signature certificates that may still be required.
  • Register with the delivery service (set up the delivery accounts).