Data provision medicine shortages

Since 10 December 2020, the BASG has also been offering the contents of the Shortages catalouge, including information on parallel export bans, in machine-readable form (XML).

This file provides the information of the Shortages catalouge in an electronic data format. The data is updated daily.

Update to 08.03.2021

Necessary adjustment work has been carried out and is online since 19.02.2021. Due to this change, the observation period will be extended until the end of April 2021. We kindly ask you to contact us immediately at basg-eservicesbasg.gvat if you have any questions or problems.

Information from February 10, 2021

Based on user-feedback, the XML data provision was extended to include packages that are "available" or "available again". The change has been available since February 10, 2021 and the description of the XML data provision has been updated accordingly.
Due to the extension, we ask you to monitor the provided data more intensively in the first month (until March 10, 2021) and to send immediate feedback to basg-eservicesbasg.gvat in case of questions or problems. 

Please pay attention to the new status "available" of exported packages when processing the data.

General information

Since February 1, 2018, marketing authorisation holders and their authorised representatives have to submit medicine shortages electronically by using the application eService "Marketing Authorisation & Lifecycle Management of Medicines".

Medicine shortages are published on the „Shortages catalouge“ on the actual date of beginning of the shortage.

Marketing authorisation holders and their authorised representatives have to submit medicine shortages because of the regulation on ensuring the provision of medicinal products, that enters into force as from April 1, 2020, and because of the "Arzneimittelbetriebsordnung 2009". They are now obliged to report any restriction in supply of prescription-only human medicinal products using the eService.

The notification of a shortage affecting veterinary medicinal products and over-the-counter medicinal products is voluntary, if it is not subject to notification in accordance with the "Arzneimittelbetriebsordnung 2009".

Since December 10, 2020, the BASG has also been offering the contents of the "Shortages catalogue", including information on parallelexport bans, in machine-readable form (XML).

In principle, the data export contains all shortages notifications that are also displayed in the „Shortages catalouge“. Not included are those notifications for which a resupply date has already been entered by the distributor for all affected packages and this resupply date has already been reached.
This means that pack sizes of a reported proprietary medicinal product that are reported as "not available", "restricted availability", "available acc. to § 4 (1)" or "available" will be made available in the XML as long as the report has not been completed by reavailability of all packs concerned. Please pay attention to the respective status of the packages when processing the data.

To simplify the processing of the reports, the provision is grouped according to PIP codes.
A provision of REST-based API retrieval options is already being planned and is expected to be completed from Q2/2022.

Release Notes

The data file is created daily (between 0:00 and 4:00 am) and made available on the BASG website under "Data provision medicine shortages".

XML schema of the data provision

XML schema: Contents and description of the export data

Designation of the data contents


File information 


Day and timestamp of the creation of the export file

MD5sumMD5 sum of the packs. Used to identify changes
Pack size information 


PIP code


Pack size


Unit of pack size


Container of pack size


Description of pack size


Status of the affected pack size. The following values are transmitted: not available, limited available, available according to §4 (1)*, available
Beginn_VertriebseinschraenkungBeginning of the shortage of the pack size
Datum_voraussichtliche_WiederbelieferungExpected supply of the pack size (if provided by the notifier)

Notification information -
Indication per pack size



Name of the notifying company


Date of report


Last modification date


Information letter to healthcare professionals (yes/no)


Legal basis of the notification


Important BASG-information (optional)

Information of the medicinal product per pack size  


Marketing authorisation number


Name of the medicinal product




Dosage form


Parallelexport ban (yes/no)


Marketing authorisation holder


Telephone number of marketing authorisation holder


Reason of the shortage


Active substances