Instructions for use

Instructions for use of public data registers and webservices

The Federal Office for Safety in Health Care provids on this website and via its webservices information on medicinal products, the completion of procedures and votes of the Federal Office for Safety in Health Care that were compiled with great care.

Despite the greatest possible care, errors cannot be completely excluded. If, for example, there are contradictions with regard to the technical or directions for use enclosed with the medicinal product and information on the pages of the Federal Office for Safety in Health Care, the content of the respective technical or directions for use shall apply.

For legally binding information, please contact us at The Federal Office for Safety in Health Care therefore assumes no liability for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the content, in particular no liability is assumed for any direct or indirect damage caused by the direct or indirect use of the offered content. In the event of loss of use of the website or the webservices due to technical or organisational problems, no claims whatsoever against the Federal Office for Safety in Health Care. If you download, receive and further use the offered data and contents, then these may not be changed contentwise and the further use takes place on own risk.

Information on the availability of medicinal products:

It should also be noted that the Medicinal product index only reflects the approval status of a medicinal product; it depends on other factors outside the scope of the BASG whether the medicinal product is actually marketed in Austria. In this context, please also note our information on the availability of medicines.

Terms of use for eServices

The terms of use consist of the valid submission ordinance of the Federal Office for Safety in Health Care and the provisions listed below.

It should be noted that each eligible applicant only has to register once. This is because the initial registration as a user contains a so-called 'administrator authorization'. In order to obtain this authorisation, a letter of authorisation (LoA) from the management is required. In addition, a currently valid excerpt from the company register (or a corresponding foreign equivalent) must be provided.

Administrators can grant (administrator) rights to other persons in their area of responsibility, make changes to these rights or withdraw them again. The administrator creates additional users. The administrator agrees that his contact information will be shared for this purpose. If other users are granted rights by the administrator, the same duties of care with regard to user identification and the personal password apply to these authorised persons as apply to the administrator himself.

If an organization that has already been created applies for another registration, the administrator of the organization that has already been created will be informed.

The user identification and the personal password must be stored carefully to prevent unauthorized access by third parties. The administrator will be notified of any changes to the terms of use by e-mail.

Further information on the use of the Medicinal Product Index and the BASG announcements

Timelines of data in the Medicinal Product Index and in BASG votes

The data is updated every night and the completion date is indicated with day and time in the register. Documents can always be queried live.

Retrieval of data and documents

In order to avoid an impairment of IT systems, it can come if necessary to a quantitative and/or data-related restriction of the data and document calls.

Download of data from the Medicinal Product Index to Excel

The file name is: ASPRegister.xls .as HTM / HTML format with the file extension .xls The size of the total export to Excel is approximately 6 MB The following message is displayed during the download and is system-dependent: "Microsoft Excel: "You are trying to open a file, 'ASPRegister.xml', whose format differs from the one specified in the file extension. Make sure that the file is not corrupted and comes from a trusted source before you open the file. Would you like to open the file now? (YES / NO / HELP)."

Calling up documents from the Medicinal Product Index

A direct call of documents is possible. The registration number and the type of document must be indicated: ENTRY HERE&type=DOCUMENTTYP ENTRY HERE

For directions for use: DOTC_GEBR_INFO For technical information: DOTC_FI_INFO For labeling: DOTC_KENNZ

Please note that not all document types are always available.

Examples For ABC Local Pain Therapy Heat Cream 75

directions for use

specialist information

Accessibility of documents from the Medicinal Product Index

The Federal Office for Safety in Health Care (BASG) is obliged under Section 27 of the Austrian Medicines Act (Arzneimittelgesetz) to enter in the Medicinal Product Index any medicinal product that has been approved, registered or licensed for parallel import. The BASG assumes no responsibility for the accessibility of the documents listed in the Medicinal Product Index. The marketing authorisation holder is responsible for the accessibility of these documents.


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