FAQ Controlled Substances

24 Is the authorization to purchase narcotic drugs exclusively held by the recipient of the goods or must the invoice recipient also have a corresponding authorization?

Example: A wholesaler who does not have a licence under narcotics law orders a narcotic drug. The goods would be delivered directly to a public pharmacy or to an authorised logistics service provider, and the invoice would be sent to the unauthorised wholesaler. The ordering wholesaler would never be in physical possession of the goods.

When is a participant in the narcotics trade subject to authorisation?

Answer: Participants in the legal drug trade require a licence if they
- physically handle narcotics (e.g. store, process) and/or
- handle imports and exports of narcotics in their own name (regardless of whether the narcotics are held at the same location or stored by a logistics service provider at another (authorised) business premises)



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