Conversion of the AGES PharmMed pharmacovigilance database

messages in brief | 27/09/2010

BASG/AGES PharmMed informs about the internal changeover of the E2B transmission of individual case reports, which was previously done via WebTrader, to gateway operation. The changeover will take place in October.


For notifiers who have already successfully tested the electronic transmission of case reports to BASG or have already transmitted adverse events to the organization IDs: BASGAGES or BASGAGESCT, this changeover will not result in any changes. It is not necessary to go through a new test phase.


If, contrary to expectations, the sender does not receive a positive acknowledgement (ACK) within two working days, it is requested to follow the instructions of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) published on the BASG website as usual.



Institute of Pharmacovigilance



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