European Sperm Bank - donor-25231-RUNE / Cryos International -donor-MULD

Safety warnings | Blood & Tissue | 11/01/2021

The Federal Office for Safety in Health Care has been informed by the Danish authority that it has been informed by the Danish tissue bank European Sperm Bank (DK257572) that a child has become ill in connection with the donation of the sperm donor 25231-RUNE. The donor is a carrier of the autosomal recessive disease 21-hydroxylase deficiency. This donor was also registered with the Danish tissue bank Cryos International (DK257551) as donor MULD. The donor gametes were blocked.

Sperm donations from this donor (including embryos) may continue to be used exclusively for siblings - but only on condition that the parents have been informed in writing and have accepted the risk in a confirmed manner.

If you have any queries, please contact the Federal Office for Safety in Health Care or directly the tissue bank from which the sperm donation was obtained.

This letter corresponds to the current state of information of the BASG. As soon as further information is available, it will be announced.