Evaluation grid for the delimitation of pharmacy operations

messages in brief | 27/12/2009

§ Section 1 of the Pharmaceutical Operations Ordinance 2009 (AMBO 2009) circumscribes the scope of the operations ordinance. New regulations concern the scope of application in para. 3, in particular the demarcation from the "usual pharmacy operation" of public pharmacies or institutional pharmacies.

In order to be able to quantify the extent of the "usual pharmacy operation", no suitable aids were available up to now.

The present evaluation grid, which was developed in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG), AGES PharmMed, the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists and committed pharmacists, is intended to enable a fair and, despite the wide range of possibilities, simple and practical (self-)classification of each individual pharmacy with regard to a possible licensing requirement (Section 63 of the Austrian Medicines Act, AMG).


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