GinoRing Vaginalring

Recall | Medicines | 12/03/2020

The marketing authorisation holder informed its customers on March 11, 2020 that due to increased reports of ring breakage, all batches with an expiry date up to and including May 31, 2020 will be recalled as a precautionary measure.

Name of the medicinal product GinoRing Vaginalring 0,120 mg/0,015 mg pro 24 Stunden - vaginales Wirkstofffreisetzungssystem
Marketing authorisation number(s) 137701
CIP code 4470636
Marketing authorisation holder Exeltis Germany GmbH
Manufacturer Laboratorieos León Farma
Batch number(s) Alle Chargen mit einem Ablaufdatum bis einschließlich 31.05.2021
Classification of the recall2
Depth of recall Pharmacies
BASG reference number INS-640.001-3093

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