Glucose 40% B.Braun

Recall | Medicines | 06/08/2013

B. Braun Austria Ges.m.b.H. has informed its supplied customers in a letter dated August 5, 2013, that a customer complaint has informed the marketing authorization holder about a leaking Ecoflac plus infusion container in batch 13103411. Since it cannot be ruled out that other infusion containers of the above batch are affected by a possible leak, the affected batch is being recalled as a precautionary measure.

This medicinal product is authorized in Germany and is placed on the market in Austria within the scope of a transfer notification according to the Austrian Medicinal Products Import Act 2010.


Name of the medicinal product Glucose 40 % B. Braun
Marketing authorisation number(s) 6714567.02.00
Marketing authorisation holder B. Braun Melsungen AG
Carl-Braun-Straße 1
34212 Melsungen

Antragsteller Verbringungsmeldung:
B.Braun Austria Ges.m.b.H
Batch number(s) 13103411
Classification of the recall2
BASG reference number INS-640.001-0859

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