Medicinal Products Import Act 2010 - Forms

messages in brief | 20/08/2010


The Medicinal Products Import Act 2010, BGBl I 79/2010, came into force on 19.08.2010.


Compilation of the scenarios possible according to the law and the forms to be used:

  • AWEG 2010 scenarios import certificates.pdf
  • AWEG 2010 scenarios marketability certificates.pdf
  • AWEG 2010 scenarios movement certificates.pdf


Note:Pursuant to Section 26(1) and (2) of the AWEG 2010, notifications concerning goods pursuant to Section 1(1)(1) to (4) of the AWEG 2002 (Federal Law Gazette No. I 28/2002 as amended) continue to be regulated by the AWEG 2002. Therefore, until further notice, the six-month rule shall apply to subsequent notifications of the products listed therein.


Inquiries:Contact persons according to FAQ1 of the import of medicinal products


New forms:<link arzneimittel/formulare/arzneiwareneinfuhr>


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