Replacement | Medicines | 08/07/2014

The marketing authorization holder has informed wholesalers and pharmacies in a letter dated 07.07.2014 that the duration of the above batches was printed incorrectly and therefore a replacement will be made. The runtime indicated on the labeling is longer than the actual runtime:

Batch 14701:

Expiration date printed:


Correct expiration date: 09/2014.

Batch 31002: Printed expiration date: 01/2018.Correct expiration date: 01/2016.

Name of the medicinal product Ofloxacin Stada 400 mg -Filmtabletten
Marketing authorisation number(s) 1-24855
Marketing authorisation holder STADA Arzneimittel GmbH
Batch number(s) 14701, 31002
Classification of the recall2
BASG reference number INS - 640.001 - 1 097

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