Paiyouji warning

messages in brief | 23/03/2009

BASG/AGES PharmMed warn against the use of the weight loss tea "Paiyouji". Analyses in the Austrian Drug Control Laboratory (OMCL of AGES PharmMed) showed that this product contains a possibly carcinogenic indicator substance as well as a chemical active pharmaceutical ingredient that is subject to prescription.

"Paiyouji" poses a great health risk due to its unassessable effects as well as unknown side effects, especially for pregnant women. Individuals in possession of "Paiyouji" are urged to immediately return this product to a pharmacy for destruction. In case of adverse effects, it is recommended to contact a doctor or pharmacist.

Ingredients of PaiyoujiConcretely, on the one hand, it is the pH indicator phenolphthalein, which was used as a laxative until the discovery of its carcinogenicity, proven in animal experiments, but since the early 1980s has been removed from all medicines throughout Europe. Secondly, the tea contains the active ingredient sibutramine, the ingredient of the drug "Reductil®". Because of its range of side effects, this medicinal product may only be used under medical supervision and is strictly subject to prescription.

Warning against buying medicines from the InternetAsthe majority of medicines coming from non-controlled sources, such as the Internet, are potentially dangerous to health, are counterfeits or of poor quality, BASG/AGES PharmMed generally advise against buying medicines from the Internet.


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