Pangramin Prick Roggenmehl

Recall | Medicines | 25/09/2017

"ALK -Abelló Allergie -Service GmbH "has informed its supplied customers in a letter dated 21.09.2017 that bottles of "Pangramin Prick Rye Flour" with brown colored and cloudy solutions have been detected. These solutions can lead to false negative reactions due to a possibly lower allergen content, so that the two batches are recalled as a precaution.

Name of the medicinal product Pangramin Nahrungsmittel 2, Allergenlösung zur Pricktestung
Gruppe 2: Getreide und Mehl: Pricktestlösung Roggenmehl (Secale C ereale (Allerg.) )
Marketing authorisation number(s) ALL-0080
Marketing authorisation holder ALK-Abello A/S

Durchführung Rückruf:
ALK - Abelló Allergie - Service GmbH
Batch number(s) P4480, T3499
Classification of the recall2
BASG reference number INS - 640.001 - 2241

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