Recall | Medicines | 05/04/2019

The marketing authorisation holder informed its customers on April 4, 2019 that there is a risk that "Parkemed - Suspension zur oralen Anwendung" will likely contain levels of Lead (Pb) and Lithium (Li) which exceed the Permitted Daily Exposure (PDE) levels. Therefore all batches within shelf-life are recalled as a precautionary measure.


Name of the medicinal product Parkemed - Suspension zur oralen Anwendung
Marketing authorisation number(s) 13621
Marketing authorisation holder Pfizer Corporation Austria GmbH
Batch number(s) 1609777, 1609778, 1703778, 1703724, 1706159, 1706160
Classification of the recall 2
Depth of recall Pharmacies
BASG reference number INS-640.001-2835

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