Recall | Medicines | 05/04/2019

The marketing authorisation holder informed its customers on April 4, 2019 that there is a risk that "Parkemed - Suspension zur oralen Anwendung" will likely contain levels of Lead (Pb) and Lithium (Li) which exceed the Permitted Daily Exposure (PDE) levels. Therefore all batches within shelf-life are recalled as a precautionary measure.


Name of the medicinal product Parkemed - Suspension zur oralen Anwendung
Marketing authorisation number(s) 13621
Marketing authorisation holder Pfizer Corporation Austria GmbH
Batch number(s) 1609777, 1609778, 1703778, 1703724, 1706159, 1706160
Classification of the recall2
Depth of recall Pharmacies
BASG reference number INS-640.001-2835

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