BASG/AGES eServices – Adaptation of electronic user administration (eBA)

messages in brief | 15/02/2024

Some improvements to the electronic user management of eServices are planned for the current year 2024, which we would like to point out to you below.

  1. Increasing the security of using the eServices by introducing 2-factor authentication. The existing login process (username and password) is expanded by a security code (= 2nd factor using authenticator apps). Users will be informed in detail before the change.
  2. All existing and new administrators automatically receive access and distribution rights to those eServices for which the organization is authorized. This means that separate individual clicking is no longer necessary and the “distribution rights” column is no longer necessary.
  3. Users who are authorized for multiple organizations will receive better support in selecting the organization in the future. Until now, only the administrator could change/define the “organization display name” if necessary. In the future, the system will automatically append the address data to the organization name.
  4. An administrator who works for multiple organizations will no longer receive any notification in the future if his/her administrator privileges for an organization are revoked. If the last administrator in an organization wants to revoke his/her rights, a warning message will be issued beforehand to prevent the organization from accidentally running out of active administrators.
  5. In the future, notification emails can be sent to different user groups based on the eService. To do this, administrators can store email addresses for each eService.

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