Information on possible side effects in animals after contact with hormone-containing medicinal products when applied to the skin of humans

| 25/04/2022

Following reports of adverse effects in animals, BASG is drawing attention to the fact that precautions should be taken to avoid contact of pets with hormone-containing medicines used on the skin of humans.

These drugs include, for example, gels, sprays and creams containing estradiol, which are used to treat menopausal symptoms in humans.

Through physical contact between the person being treated and the pet, e.g. when cuddling or carrying in the arm, the hormone-containing active ingredient can be absorbed by pets and trigger symptoms of illness in them. Therefore, do not allow pets to lick or touch the treated area of the body. It is recommended to cover the treated areas with clothing. Wash your hands after applying the medicine.

Small dogs, cats and puppies are especially at risk. Possible symptoms of an adverse hormonal effect in your pet include enlargement of the mammary glands/teats (including in males), swelling of the vulva, suspected uterine inflammation (including in neutered animals), heat/url in neutered animals, hair loss, or behavioral changes.

If you notice such symptoms, contact your veterinarian and let him or her know that you are using hormone-containing medications on the skin. In addition, any suspicion of a possible adverse effect should be reported to the Federal Office for Safety in Health Care.

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