Recall | Medicines | 24/05/2013

The marketing authorization holder has informed its supplied customers in a letter dated 24.05.2013 that particles were observed in some vials. For this reason, the above mentioned batches are recalled as a precautionary measure.

Name of the medicinal product Magnegita 500 Mikromol/ml Injektionslösung
Marketing authorisation number(s) AT-Zulassungsnummer: 1-27303
DE-Zulassungsnummer: 65896.00.00
Marketing authorisation holder Agfa Healthcare Imaging Agents GmbH
Am Coloneum 4
DE-50829 Köln
Batch number(s) AT-Zulassungsnummer 1-27303:
181211/2AT, 201010/2AT, 50710/4AT, 160910/4AT, 40710B4AT, 60311/5AT, 181211/6AT, 100709/2AT, 50710/4AT

DE-Zulassungsnummer 65896.00.00:
281110/2DE, 110810/6DE, 120810/6DE, 231010/6DE, 281110/6DE, 311110/6DE, , 191010/4DE, 80711/6DE, 141211/4DE,171211/2DE, 50710A4DE, 100811/6DE, 100709/2DE, 150809B4DE
Classification of the recall2
BASG reference number INS-640.001-0767

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