MELEM ZA KOŽU (Dr. Miroslav Vasić)

Enforcement | 30/09/2020

The Serbian product "MELEM ZA KOŽU (Dr. Miroslav Vasić)", distributed through international online sales platforms, various Serbian online pharmacies and through private sales, is classified as an illegal drug by BASG.

An investigation by the Austrian Official Medicines Control Laboratory (OMCL) found that the skin ointment, which is advertised as a "natural product", contains the undeclared synthetic ingredients betamethasone dipropionate (glucocorticoid), dexpanthenol, chlorcresol (preservative), methylparaben (preservative) and propylparaben (preservative). Therefore, the product has to be classified as a counterfeit medicine.

The intake of active pharmaceutical ingredients from unknown sources and in unknown concentrations poses an incalculable health risk, since side effects and interactions cannot be excluded.

If you have information about these or similar, possibly illegal products, please report them directly to the body responsible for combating illegality (enforcement section) of the Federal Office for Health Security at


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