PANGEA V and BASG: Dubious Internet Sources of Supply

messages in brief | 05/10/2012

The BMG, BMI, BMF and BASG participated in this year's action week. The operation took place this year from 25.09. to 02.10.2012. In total, more than 100 countries worldwide participated in the organized action. The aim was to simultaneously and in a coordinated manner access illegal websites through which counterfeit medicines are distributed and to monitor further Internet distribution channels. Police, customs and national medicines agencies focused on Internet service providers (ISPs), the storage and shipping centers of illegal medicines, and various electronic payment systems.


This year, the Federal Office for Safety in Health Care (BASG) focused on various dubious Internet sources of supply. In total, the BASG monitored 21 websites of such dubious providers, through which suspected medicines and counterfeit medicines were distributed.


The experts succeeded in seizing counterfeit medicines worth 33,000 euros. Primarily potency medicines were offered. The operators of these illegal sales pages used an Austrian pharmacy as a fictitious sender in order to lull the buyer into a false sense of security. Around 1,000 packages of Cialis and Viagra were seized by the BASG.


The BASG urgently warns consumers against buying medicines from dubious Internet sources.


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