Reopening after renovation OMCL

messages in brief | 03/06/2009

The extensive renovation work at the Possingergasse site of the Austrian Official Medicines Control Laboratory (OMCL) has been completed.


In the course of the renovation, the floors, the electrical system and the furniture were renewed and partially replaced, and the animal house was refurbished. Above all, the laboratory rooms were brought up to the state of the art. For example, the OMCL now has one of the most modern cooling monitoring systems in Europe, which informs the experts of the smallest deviations via SMS. In addition, the animal house is now also monitored online.


The ceremonial reopening took place on 02.06.2009 in the presence of the Federal Minister of Health.


Responsibilities of the site

The Possingergasse site of the OMCL is responsible for batch releases and the testing of plasma pools and vaccines. In 2008 alone, despite the reconstruction, 1,961 plasma pools (2007: 1,613) were tested and 1,180 batch tests (2007: 1,011) of plasma products and vaccines were completed.



Further information on the scope of the OMCL can be found here


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