Recall | Veterinary Medicines | 28/06/2013

The marketing authorization holder informed its supplied customers in a letter dated 17.06.2013 that a decrease in gentamicin content was observed in a batch of Soligental after 14 months of use (85.1%; specification: 95-105%) and that all batches of the product are therefore being recalled as a precautionary measure until the cause of the problem has been clarified and rectified at the level of the wholesalers and institutional pharmacies supplied.

Name of the medicinal product Soligental 3000 I.E./ml Augentropfen für Hunde und Katzen
Marketing authorisation number(s) 8-00429
Marketing authorisation holder Virbac Laboratoires, Frankreich

Durchführung des Rückrufes in Österreich:
Virbac Österreich GmbH
Hildebrandgasse 27
A-1180 Wien
Batch number(s) Alle Chargen
Classification of the recall 3
BASG reference number INS-640.001-0790

Further inquiry note