Warning of chlorine dioxide and MMS or CDL/CDS

Enforcement | 11/11/2020

MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution or Master Mineral Solution) and CDS (Chloride dioxide solution or German: Chlordioxidlösung - CDL) are two different starting products for the generation of gaseous chlorine dioxide, which is offered in alternative medical circles as a "cure" for various diseases, including COVID-19. However, there is no scientific evidence of the claimed beneficial effects of chlorine dioxide, which is a gas that can cause burns and symptoms of poisoning.

Read more about this topic in the current safety warning of chlorine dioxide solutions and MMS or CDS/CDL.

If you have any information about these or similar, possibly illegal products, please report them directly to the body responsible for combating illegality (enforcement section) of the Federal Office for Safety in Health Care (BASG) at enforcement@basg.gv.at.


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