Authorisation of a third vaccine against COVID-19 (AstraZeneca)

messages in brief | 03/02/2021

On 29. January 2021, "COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca" was authorised in the European Union as the third vaccine against SARS-CoV2.

The authorised indication and adverse reactions known from clinical studies are listed in the product information leaflet. For information in other European languages, please consult the Union Register of medicinal products on the website of the European Commission.

The Austrian National Vaccination Panel recommends the use of Astra Zeneca's vaccine in the 18-64 age group.

COVID-19 vaccination: Astra Zeneca National Immunization Panel Recommendation Version 1.0, as of 02/01/2021

For the 65+ age group, immunologic and safety data are comparable to those for younger individuals.
Due to the small group size and the low number of cases of disease, it is not possible at this time to make a safe prognosis for this age group.


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