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Simvastatin +pharma 40 mg Filmtabletten

Recall | Medicines | 07/10/2022
Recall due to incorrect information on the blister foil
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Alutard SQ Milben

Recall | Medicines | 19/09/2022
Recall due to mislabelling
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Diarrhoesan Saft

Recall | Medicines | 08/09/2022
Recall due to increased viscosity of the juice
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Rasagilin Accord 1 mg Tabletten

Recall | Medicines | 05/09/2022
Recall due to nitrosamine contamination above the permitted daily dose
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INZOLEN Injektions-/Infusionslösung

Recall | Medicines | 18/08/2022
Recall due to increased cobalt concentrations
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Custodiol - Perfusionslösung

Recall | Medicines | 28/07/2022
Recall due to visible particles in solution
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Tadalafil Aristo 5 mg/10 mg/20 mg Filmtabletten

Recall | Medicines | 11/07/2022
Recall due to defects at the contract manufacturer
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Angusta 25 Mikrogramm Tabletten

Recall | Medicines | 27/06/2022
Precautionary recall due to possible contamination
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