Human medicines

Chloral hydrate, active ingredient New

Recall | Medicines | 18/06/2024
Recall due to deviations from the specification in terms of appearance
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Cinacalcet Reddy Filmtabletten New

Recall | Medicines | 11/06/2024
Recall due to nitrosamine contamination above the permitted daily dose
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Acetic acid 99% - excipient

Recall | Medicines | 08/05/2024
Recall due unknown impurity
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Amoxilan 250 mg/5 ml - Trockensaft

Recall | Medicines | 12/04/2024
Recall due to possible contamination with glass splinters
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Tetracaine hydrochloride, active ingredient

Recall | Medicines | 09/04/2024
Recall due to appearance of the solution
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Medicinal products containing estragole

messages in brief | 15/03/2024
The committee on herbal medicinal products (HMPC) of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) published the revised Public Statement on the use of herbal medicinal products1 containing estragole.
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