Illegal market


Enforcement | 28/09/2021
Distribution of an unauthorised medicinal product through illegal websites
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Counterfeit medicines - undeclared active substance pentoxifylline

Enforcement | 01/12/2020
A presumed medicinal product offered illegally via the internet, was found to contain an undeclared active substance after examination by the Austrian Official Medicines Control Laboratory (OMCL).
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Warning of chlorine dioxide and MMS or CDL/CDS

Enforcement | 11/11/2020
MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution or Master Mineral Solution) and CDs (Chloride dioxide solution or German: Chlordioxidlösung - CDL) are two different starting products for the generation of gaseous chlorine dioxide, which is offered in alternative medical circles as a "cure" for various diseases, including COVID-19. However, there is no scientific evidence of the claimed beneficial effects of chlorine dioxide, which is a gas that can cause burns and symptoms of poisoning.
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MELEM ZA KOŽU (Dr. Miroslav Vasić)

Enforcement | 30/09/2020
Supposed natural product turns out to be a counterfeit
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Epimedyumlu Bitkisel Karisimli Macun-paste, manufacturer: Themra

Enforcement | 18/08/2020
Alleged natural product contains undeclared synthetic active pharmaceutical ingredient.
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Enforcement | 29/05/2019
The product "Artrovex", which is distributed via international online sales platforms and various websites (e.g., is classified by the BASG as an illegal presentation medicinal product on the basis of its advertising.
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Green Love

Enforcement | 26/04/2019
Food supplements with undeclared ingredients.
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Vitamin B17

Enforcement | 26/04/2019
Amygdalin-containing veterinary drugs can cause severe side effects
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Illegal stem cell therapies

Enforcement | 06/04/2019
Great hopes of physicians as well as patients are attached to stem cell and other cell-based therapies. Major progress is expected particularly in the areas of difficult-to-treat and chronic diseases. In order to prevent hope to be transformed into a “trade with hope”, it is important for authorities to monitor this new therapeutic area.
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Legal Party Pills

Enforcement | 15/02/2019
Special occasions should be celebrated appropriately: For some this means letting themselves go for a change, if necessary by taking various substances. However, not everyone wants to break the law and so you may come across products that are offered as a legal alternatives to other party drugs. At the same time, it is suggested by the suppliers that such products are completely harmless. Does "not prohibited" mean the same as "legal" and is this synonymous with "risk-free"?
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