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Cerezyme supply shortage

messages in brief | 14/08/2009
Update of treatment recommendations required
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Medicinal products containing fluconazole

messages in brief | 03/08/2009
Modification of the technical information and directions for use
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New flu: Info hotline (05 05 55 555) & hygiene tips

messages in brief | 30/07/2009

To educate people about preventive hygiene measures to prevent the spread of influenza A(H1N1), the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG), together…

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Plasma and platelet donors

messages in brief | 23/07/2009
Gender-specific change in hemoglobin levels
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2009 amendment to the German Medicines Act

messages in brief | 15/07/2009
Federal law BGBl. I No. 63/2009 enters into force on 16.07.2009
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Drug transport temperature

messages in brief | 13/07/2009
Austria-wide controls
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Reopening after renovation OMCL

messages in brief | 03/06/2009
Renovation of the Possingergasse site completed
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Safety in drug approval

messages in brief | 16/04/2009

The Austrian drug approval agency AGES PharmMed states that both patients and physicians can assume that the benefit of a drug used in its field of…

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Human Plasma Report

messages in brief | 06/04/2009

BASG / AGES PharmMed states that the repeatedly cited AGES report is a document from March 2008. The results of the investigation documented in the…

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Result customer survey 2009

messages in brief | 31/03/2009

In January 2009, AGES PharmMed conducted the second customer survey since its foundation in 2006. As in the previous survey, marketing authorization…

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